Surrey approves funding for new annual soccer tournament

The City of Surrey has approved funding to offset the facility costs for a new annual soccer tournament in Newton that will host teams from all across North America.

At a council meeting on Jan. 13, City council approved $4,000 in financial support for E11even Management, a B.C.-based soccer management company, which will assist with offsetting the facility costs of using Newton Athletic Park.

The $4,000 came from the council initiatives fund, which allows Council to provide financial support to various initiatives – city celebrations, economic development or image-building projects, community projects – not anticipated in the City’s annual budget preparation.

The new SX Cup will be held annually during the Labour Day weekend. Teams from as far east as Quebec and as far south as California have already made tentative commitments to participate, and it is expected that 30 to 40 teams will travel to this tournament.

A report compiled by Surrey parks, recreation and culture, and the finance and technology department said that the proposed tournament will create economic growth in an otherwise slow period for hotels in the area. According to estimates from Tourism BC, the event is expected to inject more than $600,000 into the local economy.

Doug Elford of the Newton Community Association, who is a soccer player himself, said the soccer tournament is a great thing for the community.

“These large tournaments are very good for the economy in the local area, and I support them 100 per cent. The facilities there at Newton are fantastic, the City has put a lot of money into it, and it draws a lot of people to our area. There are nothing but positives.”

E11even Management has organized a number of events in Surrey in the past, including the Men’s and Women’s Whitecaps Soccer showcase events, as well as local community soccer tournaments.


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