Pharmacy selling methadone near daycare worries Surrey councillors

A bottle of methadone. Photo via

A bottle containing methadone. Photo via

A pharmacy selling methadone close to a daycare has Surrey councillors concerned. Surrey City council wants more measures in place to ensure the pharmacy is following correct procedures in dispensing the drug. Methadone is an opioid drug most commonly used to treat addictions to other opioids such as heroin and OxyContin.

According to the City of Surrey bylaw regulating the dispensing of methadone, a drug store is required to have at least 65 per cent of its total floor space dedicated to displaying health and beauty products and general merchandise.

Surrey city council is concerned that the pharmacy is not following these conditions, and want measures in place to ensure that other items are also being sold at the store. Council have asked city staff to provide a full report regarding the pharmacy in question.

“The question to our staff is when [drug stores] are registering as a business, how are we confirming they are in fact the broader pharmacies,” said Coun. Linda Hepner.

The bylaw, updated in 2008, also states that methadone-dispensing pharmacies cannot be within 400 metres of one other. The penalty for violating this bylaw is a fine no less than $100 and no greater than $5,000.

Read the City of Surrey’s bylaw regulating the dispensing of methadone below:


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