CBC Radio series – ‘Pride and Prejudice’

A five-part radio series I conceived and produced for CBC Radio as part of a fellowship in July-August 2014.


1. The story of Tannaz: A transgender woman who was brutalized in her native Iran, and still struggles for acceptance here in Canada.

2. Sexual racism: LGBTQ people of colour don’t just face discrimination from their ethnic community – they are also often treated as less desirable by the white gay community.

3. Youth panel: A transgender male born in China, and a lesbian woman from a South Asian Hindu family talk about the cultural pressures they face and their experiences coming out to family.

4. A pyschologist’s perspective: Wallace Wong, a psychologist who works with LGBTQ people of colour, talks about the unique challenges this community faces, and the lack of resources to help them.

5. Introduction: I join the host of CBC’s The Early Edition to give an overview of some of the difficulties faced by LGBTQ people of colour – specifically immigrants.

CBC Vancouver: Tannaz, a transgender refugee from Iran

An audio slideshow I created, telling the story of Tannaz Mehraban, a transgender woman who came to Canada as a refugee from Iran.

Langara Journalism: Cricket in British Columbia

A short news video I shot and edited for my multimedia class.

Langara Journalism: Basketball highlights

 A highlight reel of the Langara men’s basketball team’s last regular season game; shot and edited for the Voice website.


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